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To be of the greatest value to you in our endeavors, we stay focused on four key areas of brand management:

    Brand Development
For any brand to ultimately be successful, solid planning must be undertaken.  Lynchpin Associates is experienced in brand planning and brings that experience to bear on the Brand development needs of our clients.

    Brand Extensions
One of the core values of a Brand is the ability to take the asset into extended marketing arena's that leverage the Brand's equity.  Lynchpin Associates applies its years of experience in Sponsorships (Olympic Games, NFL, NHL, NASCAR), Corporate Licensing, and Presence Marketing (Olympic Games) to help you maximiaze the value of your Brand.

    Brand Communications
We have spent significant time in the crafting of effective, impactful communications in print, broadcast, outdoor, and on the Internet.  We will bring that experience and significant objectivity to help you meet and exceed your communications goals.

    Brand Evaluation
We will work with you to evaluate the best diagnostic tools to address the information needs of your Brand.  Once the tools the tools have been selected, we will work directly with the appropriate vendors or with your marketing team in the complete execution, evaluation, and reporting of findings
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